Be The Miracle Of Life

In this big adventure we call life, I eventually found myself asking "What is the real meaning of being here?" Among growing up, going to school, and then getting a regular job, I knew deep down that this is not all we are meant for. After much soul searching and even delving into the the world of mystic texts, I eventually developed a big picture and a real vision on life itself. It is simple, really, show compassion to all living things, even upon the miracles of nature, and learn as much as you can about existence through acts of kindness and most importantly, set an example.

The universe around us is consistently placing opportunities all around us, in forms of meeting new people, trials, and always giving humanity a chance to do the right thing. Showing compassion in life can be easy, you only need to be more receptive and actually listen to what people say, and humble yourself in acts of helping others. You should also treat animals and nature with kindness, for we are all apart of the source of life, and are actual manifestations of infinite love. The more you go out of your way to listen, help, and be of service to humanity, the closer you get to actual realization of the common thread in existence: love.

The true vision on life is to be the example. If every single person made it a goal to show one act of compassion every day, imagine the revolution that would take place on earth! Life would be so much easier, and we would always have the loving support of our peers, just as we lovingly support them. Hate would be destroyed, wars would be only history, and any troubles would diminish completely. Most importantly, it is easy! Quit waiting on a miracle and get out there and push the best health and wellness product on the market. I am a Youngevity representative and find the Beyond Tangy Tangerine drink to be the main product I focus on. It works for me so now go out and change the world yourself!