Eat Less Salt

Why Should You Use Less Salt

Why should you use less salt? Because it’s in everything. Salt is one of the the worst things for you if you get too much of it. One of the things about salt is that it tastes so good on food, but can be deadly if taken in quantity on your foods. Salt is in everything. Salt is something that you have to really monitor in your diet because it can raise your blood pressure which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. When salt increases your blood pressure it can affect your kidneys.

Combat Hidden Salt

To combat hidden salt, you have to be careful when you cook that you don't add a lot of extra salt into your food which may already include salt. You have to look on the food label for salt that's hidden in it. Most people do not realize how salty things they eat. For example, ketchup and barbecue sauce have a lot of salt in it. On the food label it is usually listed as sodium or some other name that you may have never have herd of in the form of a preservative. Some salad dressings and toppings are also high in sodium. The latest information has the daily intake of sodium to be at about 1500 mg. A single meal can have that much in it. The spice (sodium) that is in 3 tacos can come to about 1500 mg's. Start looking at food labels and you will find that the sodium can add up quickly. I use taco's because it is a food that we all love but may will have 300 to 500 mg's of sodium per taco, so if you eat three then you are getting a full days worth of salt.

Why should you use less salt? Because salt causes you to retain water and if you're feeling bloated, question what you had to eat because there may be high salt levels in it. Sometimes you may see a spike up in your weight only to find it's actually water that you're retaining because you had too much salt.

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One of the reasons you have to be careful with chips, processed foods, and frozen dinners, is they have a ton of hidden salt in them. The reason that you want to watch the salt content, it's because some foods while they are frozen and processed, might taste just fine but if you don't look at the salt content you won't realize how much salt is there. For example you may buy a frozen spaghetti dinner or a frozen chicken dinner and not realize that the salt level is high. You can buy a frozen lasagna dinner only to find there's so much salt in it that your daily intake requirements has been met and you did not even know it! This is especially true when you're eating out.

Restaurant Food And Salt

You want to make sure you know what is in the food when you go out to eat at different restaurants. If they have the calorie count listed, look at the salt levels because some restaurants will put in a lot of hidden salt and you won't realize until you start eating. Make sure you check the sodium levels to see what's there before you even get to the restaurant. Ask them if they have a low sodium menu or if they can fix your food and leave the salt out. Take french fries, just ask if you can get them served without them adding salt. Most restaurants can do this and you will find that the fries may taste even better without the salt. For a sense of empowerment, pick out the restaurant that you want to go to where you can make your own salad or tell them exactly how you want your food, and have a sense of accomplishment by eating healthy, and ensuring your eating heart healthy.

Whole New Taste Of Food Without Salt

When you cut back on your salt consumption you will find your food tasting different. You will actually find you get the full flavor of your food because it is not hidden and covered up with salt. A whole new world of food and flavors are waiting for you when you take away all of the salt and sodium laced spices that is added to almost all of the processed food we eat. Start shopping at your local farmers market pictured below to get fresh foods that you know for sure have no added sodium. As the author of this article I can say that my wife and I love to go to the farmers markets in our area every chance we get. There is always something new because of the different growing seasons. You may just find yourself having some fun at your local farmers market!
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